Sempu Island

sempu.jpgSempu is a small island located in south Java, actually located in Malang district, East Java. Sempu Island including is protected nature reserve areas by Indonesian government. The trip to the island is so exotic. Sempu Island lies off southern ocean offers a beautiful lagoon in the middle island and its coral reefs around.

What was special about Sempu Island?

With rich natural conditions of rare flora and fauna, Sempu Island has an amazing beauty. Another beauty that you can find on Sempu Island is how could swim in very clear water without fear a wave drag, especially considering the waters around this island is the tempestuous sea. Yeah, the water was very clear, lots of colorful fish that swim to and fro. In addition there is a source of brackish water, lake catfish, and white sand beaches, there is also a cave tiger as others natural tourist attractions you can find in Sempu.

The most special is, amid Sempu Island there is a lake called lagoon Segara Anakan. This place is more like a small lake surrounded by a barrier reef with the sea. Supply water to the lake is derived from the big holes reef in center, which periodically provides a great view of water splash sound of waves hitting the reef. Some water was flowing into Segara Anakan.

So it is Segara Anakan which also known by lagoon, a collection of separate salt water from the sea by a barrier reef, sand, rock or something.

Anyway, Sempu Island not built like conventional resort as usually. So there is no accommodation facilities on the island. If you want to set up a tent on the island, you must ask permission prior to the supervisory officer nature reserve first.

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