Semolon Waterfall


Semolon waterfall located in the region of North Malinau, East Kalimantan is indeed also has its own power exoticism. Water source heat emitted from these hot springs, comes from the mineral content of the earth that are on the island of Borneo. Waterfall hot water Semolon exactly located in District Mentarang Malinau District in East Kalimantan. Semolon hot water, contains a lot of natural minerals. According to the people who live in the region Semolon hot water can also cure diseases, particularly skin diseases. Waterfall Semolon shape is also very unique compared to other waterfalls in Borneo. Such as stair staircase shape, and does not smell of sulfur, making the distinctive characteristics of this waterfall. The local government party, has also been working with the Department of Tourism Malinau Regency to be able to help introduce the place as one of the favorite tourist attractions for tourists at home and abroad who visit Malinau.

tourist attractions laden uniqueness and become a mainstay attractions residents on the outskirts of the country such as Malinau. Before reaching this amazing location, visitors must pass through a steep valley with peat soils typical of Borneo. During the trip, the panorama of natural tropical forests of Borneo satisfactory view. Distance to go from downtown to the location of the waterfall about two hours using a motor. With notes, weather support. Arriving at the site, the tourist immediately treated to superb views. Waterfall flow Semolon so clear flowing natural rocks composed. The freshness of the water is also felt when the footsteps began to touch the waterfall. Rock that is composed of natural berundak characterizes Semolon.

Unlike the other waterfall, in Semolon each level has a height of about two meters, and visitors are free to climb the steps to feel the freshness of waterfall Semolon. While enjoying the freshness of waterfall visitors can pose for keepsake’ve been to the waterfall on the outskirts of the country. The uniqueness will re-appear at the waterfall Semolon if the ride down the rivers around, it will be found the location of hot springs (Semolon hot waterfall). This hot springs is the largest in Malinau. Visitors can bathe in the hot springs are said to cure a variety of diseases such as skin diseases through water flows calm and warm. Visitors also can stay by utilizing the facilities were provided around the tourist sites. Perhaps this is the only sights that are excellent for the Indonesian population in the border like Malinau.

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