Semak Daun Island, Part of “Thousand Islands” Jakarta

Semak Daun is favorite island in the Thousand Islands (Kepulauan Seribu) Jakarta. A part of the Thousand Islands, this one probably stands out among the beaches in Indonesia. There aren’t any places to stay, except the rest room in the house of the family which stays here, which can be full during the peak season. The sea here is shallow and so much so that you can even walk to the nearby islands. The water is crystal clear and the beach seems pure. Not so many people know this island, but this island began to know by a traveler because it has a lot of secrets. The island is completely uninhabited by humans.

Traveler who came there shall bring tents from home and set it up for a layover. On this island, you must stay on camp for overnight. You will get an experience like stranded on the island.

There we can play in the middle of the sand was very clean with no trash in the slightest. But, when you get there please do not pollute and damage the island, the preservation of nature that God has given. You have to come to this island with friends or family.

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