Sloping white sand and towering pine trees become an attraction for tourists to visit the beach Selimpai, Paloh. The Beauty Overlay Selimpai Beach, Turtle Egg Boil Ease pine lined up neatly. Green impression increasingly felt by grass that extend ankle on sandy land. Although the sun is directly overhead, the atmosphere is still cool. Occasional sound of waves breaking the shore and combined with the birds singing shouted, adding to the atmosphere of peace. That portrait Selimpai Beach, Paloh, Sambas district. Clean sand is not inferior to Kuta Beach, Bali. When the island of the gods in the province adjacent to the Java along its shores lined building villas, hotels and restaurants, even in Selimpai naturalness is very pronounced. As an island, separated from the mainland Selimpai Sambas district. Southern side to the western border with Natuna Sea, while in the north it runs east side surrounded by Merabau River. So all those who come over here, will see various sights; there are pine forests, beaches, sea and river. From a distance looks Tanjung Datu, which is the region bordering Malaysia.

Selimpai elongated shape of the island. Between the sides at the mouth of the river and the sea line is only as wide as a football field. When we stand on the side of the river, will look Natuna Sea waves chasing each other. Moderate wind gusts. Fastest high waves reaching three to four meters. The pine forests on land Selimpai create an atmosphere in a mini island is different from other beaches in Sambas district. Woody trees towering are lined up neatly as if someone had deliberately arranging them in such a way. “It’s all natural growth,” said lifeguard.

Besides the natural, which is the main attraction for Selimpai is, becomes a place for turtles. After a jaunt around from island to island, continent to continent, in a year at least five times a protected endangered species is stopped by the Bunian the island to lay eggs.

Based on the Task Force notes Selimpai Beach –Of conscious group tour (Pokdarwis) Paloh, there are four types of turtles who come to this beach. Among them are the green turtle, hawksbill, olive ridley turtles. While leatherbacks only occasionally stopped. Currently in the world there are seven species of sea turtles, six of which are on Indonesaia. Yes It Is; hawksbill (Eretmochelys imbricate), turtle (Lepidochelys olivaceae), leatherbacks (Dermocelys coriaceae), green turtle (Chelonia mydas), loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta Carretta), and turtle flat (Natator depresus). For turtle Lepidochelys kempi of types live in the sea of ??the Atlantic, especially coastal States and Mexico.

Animals that fall into the category of endangered species, up to the beach to lay their eggs at night. Therefore, if the visitors do not stay overnight in Selimpai, do not dream to meet with turtles. So that visitors can see turtles, Pokdarwis initiative to build a captive in Selimpai. So therefore, every guest who comes to watch where the name of the hatchlings (baby turtles), green turtle, hawksbill, and olive ridley.

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