Selayar Regency, Selayar Island Tourist Destination in South Sulawesi

Selayar Regency located in the south of the South Sulawesi Province, lies in the Flores Sea, between Sulawesi Strait and Flores Sea, share border with Bulukumba regency and Bone Bay. Selayar regency is more than 120 islands both small and big island.

Beautiful Selayar Island is a fascinating destination owing to its unique landscape, and its beautiful unspoilt beaches. The west side area of the island is mainly inhabited by fishermen, who live in small villages that continue to follow their traditions largely unaffected by western influences, most favorite place on the west side is Gusung Island or sometimes local people call it Pasi Island. This island is mostly visited by those who want to go diving, snorkeling, fishing or just stay at beautiful beach.

In short, Selayar Island has many tourism object that worth to visit, especially for nature tourism, culture, Jungle Trekking, Biking, Bird watching, Beach lover, Diving, and Snorkeling lovers, you will get a lot of natural experience during your holiday, vacation or trip at Selayar.

There are many popular tourism destinations in Selayar Island including; 
• Gantarang Mosque
• Nekara Museum
• Gong Nekara
• Bitombang Old Village
• Gusung Island/ Pasi Island
• Baloiya Beach
• Pinang Beach
• Boneotappalang Beach
• Talloiya Beach
• Je’neiya Beach
• Baloiya Nature Cave
• Uhe Gonggong Waterfall
• Forest Animal
• Ngapaloka Beach
• Hara Beach
• Takabonerate National Park

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