Segaran Pool

segaran_pool.jpgSegaran Pool is located in Temon village, Trowulan district, Mojokerto regency, in front of Balai Penyelamatan Arca (Statue Saving Institution). No need ticket to visit this biggest ancient pool. As its name, this is a big pool that bordered by red brick wall. It is wider than football field, it has 375 m length and 175 m width. The red brick has 3,16 m height and 1,6 m width.

Based on some notes, this pool used as recreation place of Majapahit family. Beside that, it used for the guest who visit Majapahit, both from local and foreign. It is said that after the banquet, the dishes were thrown into the pool, showing that Majapahit Kingdom was very rich.

Segaran pool is the biggest ancient poll, which described Mojopahit kingdom’s ability to adapt with its environment. The restoration of Segaran pool was begun on 1976 until 1983.

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