Sebedang Lake is one of the natural attractions and the mainstay of Sambas District of West Kalimantan Province. The area is a gateway into this Sambas district visited by tourists on Sundays and other holidays. Most visitors who come not just intend to enjoy the beauty of nature, but there is also a fishing hobby, because this lake is home to many fish. That said, the lake is a source of clean water for the people of several districts in Sambas and also store a variety of rich ecosystems, the former is one of the favorite resting place for the Sultan of Sambas and their families.

Vast lake which reaches about one mile square, surrounded by hills which has a height of about 400 meters above sea level (asl), and natural scenery are lively with the background of green tropical forests and lush, making this region exactly once selected as one of the goals recreational fun with family or colleagues.

Visitors can enjoy the panoramic beauty of nature by learning how to walk around the lake, or over drinks in canteens overlooking the lake. In addition, keelokkan lake can also be perceived by visitors to relax in the shelter-shelter is available, or while sitting on a mat lesehan for rent. When bored, visitors can rent a boat around the lake with.

In the afternoon, the exotic area of ??Lake Sebedang increasingly visible and increasingly felt. For visitors who come to the lake at night does not have to worry about loneliness. Because of the night, more and more visitors are coming. And, the atmosphere grew vibrant and alive with the sound accompaniment of loud music coming from the cafes in the region.

The lake is located in the Village Sebedang Sebedang, Sambas District, District Sambas, West Kalimantan Province, Indonesia. Sambas district is about 202 kilometers from the city of Pontianak, West Kalimantan provincial capital. From Pontianak to Sambas, visitors can take a taxi, bus travel, bus or private vehicles. While from the center of Sambas, Lake Sebedang attraction is about 18 kilometers. The road to Lake Sebedang has been paved with a smooth and accessible by bus or private vehicles.

Visitors will not starve if it was on the scene of Lake Sebedang, because in this region there are food stalls, canteens and cafes that provide a variety of food and beverage menu. For visitors who can stay late at the inn, there is lots of flights in the region around the lake. Camping ground area is spacious and can safely be used by visitors who desire to enjoy the atmosphere of this area at night. Here, also available rental tents and mats, so that visitors do not need to bother with camping equipment.

Moreover, in this area there are also tourist information center, center for gift and souvenir, shelter, shelters, parking lots are spacious and safe, rental boat to circumnavigate the lake, flights, flights, kiosks that provide equipment for fishing, telephone kiosks, reload vouchers, and toilets.

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