Sebatu and Pujung Village

sebatu_village.jpgThe name of Sebatu, according Usada Bali manuscript, is taken from a legend called Mayadenawa. The self-proclaimed god, Mayadenawa made all the people to worship him until he was defeated by god Indra and ran away into a jungle, transforming himself into various kinds of creatures until he slipped on a stone and died. The location was then called Sauhbatu, or Sebatu as it is known today (sauh for slip and stone for batu).
Most Sebatu villagers are sculptors and farmers. Most sculptors work in their front yard and sell the statues directly to customers. Beautifully arranged rice fields dominate right and left side of the main road leading to a village temple with a bathing spring nearby.
Location: Sebatu and Pujung Villages are north of Ubud, 38 km from Denpasar.

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