Sawinggrai village

Getting There

To reach Sawinggrai village, it is easier if you take a flight to Domne Eduard Osok airport in Sorong. There are several flights you can take e.g., Merpati Air, Express Air, and Lion Air.  For sea transportation, ships transiting in Port Sorong are Dorolonda, Labobar, Gunung Dempo, Sinabung, and Tatamailau.

From Sorong, you can take a sea transportation from Sorong Fishery Port to Waisai, the capital city of Raja Ampat district. From here, you can continue your journey by rented longboat to Sawinggrai.

There are two alternative ships from Sorong to Waisai. First, using speed boat for about two hours, or second, using local government’s ship for four hours journey. After that, your journey by longboat to Sawinggrai will take about two and a half hours.

Getting Around

To reach the observation site of Cenderawasih bird, you have to climb Manjai Hill behind the village for about 30 minutes. To reach the fish feeding site, you can walk only for about 100 meters to a pier.

To Do

In this village, we can see dancing cenderawasih in the morning and afternoon. These birds usually dance in the morning (06.30-07.30 local time), and in the afternoon (16.30-18.00). It is not difficult to see these birds dancing if you arrive ontime. Tourists usually arrive in the location 30 minutes before the birds dance.

In addition, feeding the fish is also an interesting activity. Fish in this pier are very friendly with humans. They will swim to get their food from our hand.

To Stay

No temporary shelter is available in this village. The nearest ones are in KRI Eco Resort and Sorido Bay Resort managed by Papua Diving and in Yenbuba owned by Dedy Mayor.

To Eat

There’s no restaurant or food stall in the village. So make sure either you bring some or your travel operator arrange it for you.

To Buy

There’s also no shop selling souvenirs here.


If you wish to see the birds dancing (usually in the morning or afternoon), avoid coming between December and February because these birds are laying eggs during this period.

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