Sawarna beach is a beach overlooking the Indian Ocean, so has the typical south coast waves are large and fast-flowing wavy strong, making it very suitable for surfing. Indeed, surfing is not too popular in Indonesia, but abroad a lot of people who love this water activities. The beach Sawarna many foreign tourists who linger are here for surfing, and also visited other tourist attractions in the village Sawarna. Sawarna beach 65 KM in length, with clear sea water, white sand, green hills, dotted coral, and not too crowded is the most beautiful beach in Banten, so you should not hesitate to come to visit and enjoy the charm of hidden travel this. Located in a coastal village south, beach Sawarna always connected with the story of the south sea power, Nyai Roro Kidul.

Sawarna beach which is about 150 KM from the city Rangkasbitung much visited by tourists who came from Bandung , Jakarta and surrounding towns because of the distance is not too far away. Besides the street to the beach Sawarna also has been pretty good, and continue to be improved so that I can confirm that within the next few years, the tourist attractions in Banten this will be one of the prime tourist spot for residents of Bandung, Jakarta and surrounding areas. Travel time from Jakarta to Sawarna Beach is approximately 7 hours at a distance of about 270 KM. Sawarna name beaches, is located in a coastal village which has a wide range of attractions for visited pages.

Locals in Sawarna is small fisherman fishing anchovy impun and subtle or sometimes the town named anchovies field. Here you can buy delicate anchovy price only less than five thousand dollars. Tasa delicate anchovies is very tasteful and often made spiced or fried flour mix. The food you can get at the food stalls around the coast. Iron bridge is the start of your trip to the village of Sawarna, further into the next road will be treated to views of the dense forest.

You can play in the white sand beaches accompanied studded sheen. Looked waist wide beach accompanied by the sound of the waves and the sea breeze menderunya. Available accommodation in this beach and some of them offer guide services. Generally, people rent houses also for groups that visit the beach Sawarna.

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