Sawarna Beach, the Hidden Beauty Beach in Banten

Sawarna beach is the hidden beauty beach in Banten with magnificent scenery. The beauty, original the nature beach is suitable as the tourist destination. Maybe some of us are unfamiliar with Sawarna beach resorts located in Banten province, location Sawarna beach in the district Bayah, Lebak regency. In the region of Banten there are several beach resorts are very interesting and beautiful, one only that this Sawarna beach which has its own charm, characteristic of this beach is the presence of a large rock, usually people called the Batu Layar that has existed since time immemorial, apart from Batu Layar other beauty that blends white sand with clear water so that exudes extraordinary beauty, scenery all around it, also no less beautiful, offering original panorama of green tropical forests protected by the local government.

To reach Sawarna Beach there are two routes, from Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia:

Jakarta ==> Sukabumi ==> Pelabuhan Ratu ==> Bayah
Jakarta ==> kalideres ==> Rangkas Bitung ==> Bayah
Tanah Abang station (Jakarta) ==> Rangkas Bitung ==> Bayah

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