Sauto, Soto Tauco Typical Tegal Travelling culinary in the city of Tegal, is not complete if you do not taste the typical food of this city. Well this time, I invited you to come to the seller Sauto (soto tauco) are already well known in this city of Tegal.

It is trading at the Almira Sauto Lesehan, the owner is Mr. Madi. Its location is not hard to find. Located on the street carp 5 Tegal and across soto tauco have great pagoda.

Sauto is a liquid given tauco soto. But here there is also clear you know, without tauco. There is also an option with tripe and chicken.

Once inside we got surprised, because in it there is a place for karaoke. Using a single organ, visitors may donate songs.

Very funny place to eat this. But because in pretty hot and the music sounds pretty tight, so we moved to sit in front of it.

Our message tauco soto. A serving of soup Pak Madi contains shredded chicken, bean sprouts, green onions, fried onions, a little chocolate sauce.

Because we are a little full, so we ordered without rice. If you ordered with rice, then the usual rice mixed into the soup tauco this.

We taste the broth first. Plus a delicious gravy and sauce become more enjoyable. Then taste tauconya indeed be very strong and feels good.

Shredded chicken is also quite a lot. There are unique in this kind of soup that is pieces of fried chicken intestine are mixed into this soup. So we sip the broth right there in the intestines fried crisp taste of this. Wih good you know.

Mr. Madi Sauto open from 14:00 until 22:00. If you‘re traveling to Tegal, do not forget to try the typical food of this. According to some info that I get, there are some other good sellers sauto in Tegal. Next time when stopped in here, we will definitely try sauto others.


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