Sarasah Ulu Gadut waterfall, Beautiful Hidden Waterfall in Padang

Sarasah Ulu Gadut waterfall

Besides having beautiful beaches, Padang also has a beautiful hidden waterfall namely Sarasah Ulu Gadut waterfall . It is a unique shape, because it seems like a pile of stones shaped like a pyramid . This waterfall is located in the jungle of Bukit Sarasah, Koto Baru Village, Ulu Gadut, Pauh subdistrict, Padang West Sumatra . It is 17 kilometers from downtown Padang and takes about 1 hour to reach the site. This waterfall can be reached by land transportation to the nearest entry point. Here you pay an entrance ticket of just 3,000 rupiah per person and 3,000 for parking each vehicle. The journey then continued on foot for 6 kilometers passing through local plantation .

Sarasah Ulu Gadut Waterfall is beautiful, with the water falling over the cube shaped stones . This waterfall actually has seven levels and each level has its own path . The first step of this waterfall will be seen to be flowing straight from a distance, that is to the second step of Sarasah Ulu Gadut Waterfall . To get to the second step is quite easy, by climbing the rocks from the first step of the waterfall . The Height of the waterfall is about 10 to 15 meters . A pool located below it . If you arrive at the second waterfall, you have to be careful because the rocks are slick and mossy . You certainly can enjoy swimming at the pool .

For those of you who like challenging activities, try to climb every step of this waterfall . To get to the highest level, you can climb up and down a steep slope which is about 50 degrees . The road is quite slippery and rocky, you need extra concentration to pass it . When arriving at the top level, do not forget to record the beautiful scenery with your camera . For those interested to visit Sarasah Ulu Gadut Waterfall, prepare yourself, even if you choose to skip the steep terrain . You should bring your own foods, because there is no restaurant facility at the tourism object .

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