Saparua is an island east of Ambon Island in the Indonesian province of Maluku; the island of Haruku lies between Saparua and Ambon. The main port is in the south at Kota Saparua. The island of Maolana is located near its southwestern side and Nusa Laut off its southeastern tip. Saparua is administered as a single eponymous kecamatan of Maluku Tengah Regency, and has a population of 32,312 as of the 2010 census. The inhabitants on Haruku speak the Saparua language, as well as Indonesian and Ambonese Malay. Saparua was the location of Indonesian national hero, Pattimura’s rebellion against Dutch forces. It was also the birthplace of G.A. Siwabessy, a prominent politician who was Indonesia’s Minister of Health during the 1960s and 1970s.

Until the 18th century, Indonesia had been the only place in the world that produced cloves, mace and nutmeg, and most of these spices came from “the Spice Islands”, Maluku. Cloves, mace and nutmegs were the very valuable trade commodities of the world at that time. Even Columbus discovered America because of the spices he was looking for. Merchants from Malacca, China, India, Turkey, Persia and Arabia came to Maluku to purchase these spices and later sold it in Asian territories, even until Europe continent with very high prices. This renowned Maluku could not be taken irrespective of the role of the cluster of islands known as Lease, located in the centre of this archipelago.
The term Lease comes from the local dialect Uliase or Uliaser which means however many ulis, they are still one. The Lease islands are a cluster of three islands app. 3 miles east of the Ambon island. It consists of Haruku, Saparua and Nusalaut islands. The Lease islands are bordered by Seram island in the north, the Banda Sea in the south and Ambon island in the west.

 The Lease Islands consist of two subdistricts (Kecamatan), and one auxilary sub district. Haruku sub- district (Kecamatan Haruku) covering the island of Haruku with its capital Pelauw, the sub district of Saparua (Kecamatan Saparua) covering the island of Saparua with Saparua as the capital, and auxilary sub district Kecamatan Pembantu Nusalaut) of Nusalaut with Ameth as its capital.

Lease Leisure :

1. Ttfluotoni Beach
One and a half kms away from Ouw there is a white sandy beach, clear water an ideal beach for recreation, swimming and sun bathing with four shelter.

2. Nukuwoni Indah
Nukuwoni Indah beach is located five km from Ouw next to Ouw cape. There is a full-board six-rooms accommodation. Since there is no car going to the beach, visitors should walk from Ouw or use a speed boat. This speed boat could be used also to serve tourists who like snorkling, diving, fishing or visit tourist objects on Nusalaut island.

3. Lyanaen Beach
lyanaen beach lies on Hulaliu village and could be reached by minibus from Pelauw. It is a white sandy beach with clear and clean water, ideal for swimming, sun bathing and other marine activities.

4. Waisisil Beach
It is a historic beach during the Pattimura war in the village of Tiouw, app. one km from Saparua town. The beach is full of coral reef, and has a fresh water well used by the local people for bathing and traditional washing. On the road side, there is a memorial to commemorate the struggle of Pattimura and app. 200 mtrs from it, a memorial – shaped tomb of de Haas, a former Dutch Resident who was killed in the action on the beach together with the other soldiers in 181/.Waisisil beach could be reached using the minibus from Saparua to Booi, or 25 minutes walking from the Saparua terminal.

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