Sangiang Island, Seven Wonders of Banten – Indonesia

Sangiang is a small island in Sunda Strait, which is between Java and Sumatra island. Administratively, this island belongs to Serang Regency, Banten. Sangiang island offers many beautiful marine tourism of Banten. The 720 hectare island has some beaches with amazing underwater ecosystem. So, no wonder if it is called as the Seven Wonders of Banten.

Sangiang can be reach from Jakarta to Cilegon city. From Cilegon, the trips will continue to Anyer. It takes about 3 hours through tol road. After that, the journey continues with ferry service to Sangiang island from Manuk beach in Anyer. It takes about an hour to reach Sangiang Island. Arrived in this island, you will feel the cool and fresh air, because Sangiang has green and leafy trees. Sangiang also has the carpet of clean white sand and clear seawater.

With the clean white sand beach, you can do many activities at the coast of Sangiang island, from water sport to relaxing at the beachside. To do various activities like cross-country sport, mount climbing, going down the valley, camping, photography, and enjoying the sloping and steep beach panorama, go to the northwest and south of Sangiang Island, as well as along the Batu Mandi Beach and Gede Mountain. It is a challenging and fun tourism area. The area is wide and supported with various terrain contours.

For those of you who like scuba diving, snorkeling, sunbathing, fishing, canoeing, and observing the beauty of coral reefs and marine park with glass-bottom boat, please visit the Tanjung Raden, Legon Waru, and southern waters of Sangiang.

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