Sanggar Agung

Though identical with Tri Dharma and ethnical China members, simply Sanggar Agung is not then closed for public, can be visited every time, by every person, without differentiating tribe and religion. Sanggar Agung is believer place of Tri Dharma observance. It is located in Ria Kenjeran Beach precisely in Sukolilo Street 100 Surabaya.

When stepping the foot to step into Sanggar Agung, the visitor will meet altar in honor of the ancestors. This altar is meant that each and everyone always remember the ancestors, the old fellows who have died. Along with China mores, old fellow get high position in family.

Respect the old fellow, also mean respect the example and own self. Visitor can meet some statues, which is the materialization of the deities in China tradition. Those statues generally symbolize certain history with reference of each deity excellence. But, always there are a statue or deity that majored each kelenteng.

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