Sambas Palace

sambas_1.jpgSambas Palace which is now, was built by Sultan Muhammad Ibrahim Honor in 1933, occupied by 6 July 1935. Sambas Palace construction cost of 65. Gulden, through credit aid by Sultan of Kutai. Contractor performed the construction Tjin Nyuk from Pontianak. With a building area measuring 9.50 meters long and 8.05 meters width.

Estuary Ulakan got In front of the Palace, where as intersection of small Sambas river, Subah river, Teberau river, now in the Dalam Kaum village, Sambas subdistrict since ancient had establishment of Sambas Sultanate Palace (1632) by Raden Bima Sultan Muhammad Tajuddin, second of Sultan Sambas. In the bank river, there is a ladder bridges called with Seteher, where a stop in canoes or boats and water vehicles that many in the Sambas river.

Rise to the mainland by the river, there is the entrance to the Palace yard. Before going in we’re going through an entrance gate to the yard gate, called the Palace Eight Aspects. Entrance octagonal gate  from the river approximately 30 meters. Gates have two floor was previously used for:

– The bottom of the guards and the rest of the people who visited the palace before come in courtyard.

Beside of royal palace,we’ll get Great Mosque Sulthan Tsafiudin II where is unity in royal palace

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