Natural bath & Sambabo waterfall in the village of Ulumambi, Bambam District, Mamasa regency West Sulawesi is a mainstay tourist area not less beautiful with Niagara Falls in the United States. “Travelers who’ve been to assess Sambabo waterfall, waterfalls are able to compete with the beauty of Niagara Falls is beautiful in the world,” said Head of Tourism and Culture District in Tanga Edison Mamasa Harnal Mamuju Monday.

He said Sambabo has a beautiful waterfall which is quite amazing for the foreign tourists are at an altitude of 400 meters is about 10 kilometers from the city Mamasa or about 300 kilometers from Polewali Mandar. In addition, the waterfall that comes from the word Samba and Botto, has a beautiful panorama because it is located on the slopes between the mountains and steep boulders and forests are still preserved. Waterfall has been visited by foreign tourists such as Germany and the Netherlands who want to enjoy nature tourism Mamasa district as an area that became an icon pariwisatar, “he said.

But according to him, the waterfall is not professionally managed so that the washing of natural attractions have not been able to increase revenue for the District Mamasa of the tourism sector. Because he said, in addition medannnya very difficult to reach to develop their tourist sites infrasturuktur at the waterfall, the budget sector development through tourism in the District Mamasa also still very limited budget.

Therefore, it will seek to establish coordination with the Department of Tourism and Culture Sulbar for planning the development of the waterfall tours so they can be managed professionally and mendapatangkan income area. In addition to the waterfall Sambabo, Mamasa district, also has a waterfall located in the district Mambulillin Mamasa, it has a beautiful waterfall in the valley because it is the most beautiful hillside of Mount Mabulilling neighboring mountain Ganda Dewata dikungjungi bustling mountain climbers from all over Indonesia.

Unfortunately he said, the mountain Mambulilin located at an altitude of about 2741 meters above sea level has also not been managed properly due to budget constraints owned area.

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