Samalona Island, A Marine Tourism of Makassar

Samalona island extents of less than about 2.34 ha. For those of you who like to dive, then you should try to diving here, not only local tourists who are interested in visiting Samalona island, but also from abroad. 

It is Located about 6.8 km from the city of Makassar, you can arrive at this Samalona island by speedboat in the time duration of about 20-30 minutes. You can depart from a dock near Losari or start the journey from the pier near Fort Rotterdam. You need skill to bargain in order to get the ship’s rental rates.

Beside the exciting diving experience at this place, enjoy the sunset at the seashore on the island Samalona is an other thing that you should feel. Tinkering at the edges with white sand of the beaches are a popular way to do for almost visitors in a tourist spot Makassar. Mosque, toilets, huts, and restaurants are some of the public facilities that available on this Samalona island while you can also rent a lodge on the island.

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