Saluopa Waterfall, Commonly Known As Air Luncur Saluopa Poso

One of the interesting tourist spot in Central Sulawesi, namely Saluopa Waterfall. The waterfall is also commonly known as Air Luncur Saluopa. This waterfall has 12 levels, and each level there is a staircase made of stones that are useful for the visitors for access to the water level falls.

There are diverse fauna and tropical forests around the waterfall. When you pass through the forest, you will be greeted with the sounds of the tropical forest-dwelling animals. In addition to passing through tropical jungle, you will pass a bridge to get to the waterfall.

Saluopa Waterfall has a very clean and clear water cause seen clearly rocks in its path. For stairs made of stone, even if exposed to water and mossy rocks are not slippery. Apart from being the access to get to the levels of waterfall, you can use as a place to take pictures. With the backdrop of Saluopa Waterfall and sometimes appeared among rainbow waterfall makes beautiful scenery as the background of your photo.

Saluopa Waterfall located in Tonusu Village, Pamona Utara District, Poso of Central Sulawesi.

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