saluang.jpgSaluang musical instrument is a traditional Minangkabau, West Sumatra. Hearing this wind instrument made of bamboo or thin channel (Schizostachyum brachycladum Kurz). Minangkabau people believe that the most material to be made saluang  came from laundry chute to chute or cloth that is found in the river float. This includes equipment from the flute music, but simpler maker, enough with the vent channel with four holes. Saluang length of approximately 40-60 cm, with a diameter of 3-4 cm. Other uses of the channel are to make the vessel lemang, one of the traditional Minangkabau foods.

Saluang the legendary Idris Sutan called Sati with singer Syamsimar.

Eminency saluang the players are to play with saluang blow and breathe at the same time, so that the blower saluang can play a musical instrument from the beginning of the end of a song without dropping out. How breathing exercises were developed with a constant. This technique is also called as technical manyisiahkan angok (move the breath).

Each Nagari Minangkabau in developing ways saluang blow, so that each style has a distinctive nagari. An example of that style is Singgalang, Pariaman, Solok Salayo, Koto tuo, Suayan and Pauah. Singgalang style is considered quite difficult to be played by beginners, and this usually Singgalang tones played at the beginning of the song. Style that is most sad sound from Ratok Solok Solok area.

Previously, news from the cultural wind instrument players has saluang this spell that is useful for hypnotism audience. Incantation Pitunang called the Prophet David. Contents of the incantation about: “I malapehkan pitunang the Prophet David, buruang tabang tatagun-tagun, AIA mailia tahanti-hanti, takajuik bidodari in sarugo mandanga buni saluang ambo, kununlah human hearing children.

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