Sagea Cave

This cave which has a wide entrance 20 m2 and a length of about 30 km is located 5km from Sagea, District Vedas, Central Halmahera. In the cave, full of stalactites unique color and the air temperature reaches zero degrees.
Outside of the cave, tourists can see the beautiful scenery and can visit the river called Kali Sagea. The cave Sagea can be reached via the coast by speedboat.

Non-diving day: let’s explore something different. The big Sagea cave. With a small dug-out boat, we go upstream to the cave. The river enters the cave, where you then have stairs to climb into the first big space. The cave is hughe! Many different rooms with very high cealings. And stalactites and stalagmites everywere. The cave is full of big bats, hughe spiders, some kind of crickets (but really big) and whip spiders. Caving will probably not become my hobby. It is really beautifull, but walking through the mud, slippery, holding rocks full of bat-shit is not my prefered activity.

The local guides were also happy when we mentioned it was far enough. It’s actually the boatride to and from the cave which I absolutely enjoyed. What a view with the light hitting the water.

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