Sadengan Savannah

Sadengan is the feeding ground for wild animals in the area of Alas Purwo National Park. The visitors can see the wild animals such as wild bull, barking deer, wild pig, peacock, jungle fowl and many kind of birds. The wild animals are grassing and can be seen in the morning and afternoon from the viewing tower.

The original animals tourism is very interesting and adventurous for domestic and foreign tourists. Sadengan has many famous wild animals. One of them is Bos Javanicus, which is endangered animal. In Sadengan, the visitors can take pictures as much as they want. This journey will become interesting experience, although the visitors may feel difficult journey to reach Sadengan location, especially if they haven’t private vehicle.

The route is from Benculuk, to Tegaldlimo, then to Pasaranyar and arrive at Rowobendo post, which is the gate to TNAP (Alas Purwo National Park). Then, about 30 minutes, you will arrive at Sadengan. The visitors can reach it using four / two wheels, or by foot, because there is no public transportation here.

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