Rupat Island is an island in Bengkalis, Riau. This island has an area of approximately 1,500 km2 and is inhabited by about 47,000 inhabitants. Northern Tanjung Medang Rupat beach Located in Rupat District, Rupat Island. Region Pasir Panjang area consists of several parts, namely Tanjung Medang, Tanjung Rhu and bay Punak in Rupat District dealing directly with Dumai City, this place can be easily reached because of Dumai available several sea for public passenger transport. Sand contained in this beach has a white color and a clean and allow the visitors to bathing, sunbathing, water sports, family recreation and leisure to enjoy the clarity of the seawater with waves are.

Rupat island is divided into two, namely Rupat and North Rupat. Residents in North Rupat more than in Rupat. Approximately there are only dozens of families in Rupat. But now, residents Rupat and North Rupat not much different. Along the way we will see the beautiful scenery. The Rupat no hotels, lodges on the island lies in Batupanjang and Tanjung Rhu. The island is very thick atmosphere Malay and Malay languages used are Malay Malaysia. In fact, the currency Ringgit can be used as a means of transaction. but that is the main attraction of this island is the beach area. even tourists from Malaysia often set foot Rupat Island using fast boats and dock at the beach.

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