Rupat beach in Rupat Island

Pantai Pesona Rupat is the name given to the island of North Rupat, Bengkalis, Riau. Rupat Island elongated and deal directly with the Strait of Malacca in Malaysia.

Rupat beach was once has a name that varies according to the name of the residents of each village, namely Pantai Tanjung Lapin, Pantai Tanjung Rhu and Pantai Tanjung Punak. This beach extends from east to west and dealing directly with Tanjung Rusa in Port Dickson, Malaysia. The beach area which has a group of mineral soil with levels of youth development, either with or without the characteristic hidromorfik traits.

We can see the passing ships, both national and internationl at his northern Beach. it is supported by state of the sea that has a depth of 10-30 meters.

Because of the unavailability of public transportation to this island, it finally covered by a society that provides motorcycle taxi to drive the tourist to the location. The transportation to Rupat is actually can be taken from speedboat, Roro Ship or Pompong ship from some of ports. 

Rupat island has an area of 1524.84 km2, which is actually a combination of four islands that seemed to coalesce into an island. The island is onsists of two sub-districts; Rupat sub-district and North Rupat.

Rupat sub-district located in the south Rupat and it has 10 villages, namely, Makeruh, Batu Panjang, Hutan Panjang, Pangkalan nyirih, Pergam, Sei Cingam, Sukarjo Mesim, Tanjung Kapal, Terkul and Teluk Lecah.

The condition of Rupat beach is similar to Sanur Beach in Bali, with flat sandy beach and additional stunning view from Port Dickson in Malaysia at night.

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