Rumoh Aceh

West Directionreflects efforts to build a line of people of Acehimaginary with the Kaaba in Mecca. In addition,beliefs influence can also be seen in usepoles numbered buffer is always even,which is always an odd number of rooms, and stairsis odd.Aside from being a manifestation of public confidence andadaptation to its environment, the existence of Aceh Rumohalso to indicate social status of its occupants. More and moreRumoh ornate on Aceh, the residents mustricher. For families who do not have the wealthexcessive, then simply decorated with a relatively small, or even none at all.As the development of an era that demands allefficiently and effectively done, and morehigh cost of manufacture and maintenance Rumoh Aceh, thegradually fewer and fewer people who built the AcehThis traditional house. Consequently, the number Rumoh Aceh increasingly small.

Community preferto build a modern house made of concretemanufacture and procurement of material is easier thanAceh Rumoh more complicated manufacturing, procurementmore difficult material, and the treatment cost is more expensive.However, there are also people who because of his lovearchitectural heritage of their ancestors wasmake Rumoh Aceh that was stuck in concrete housethem.The existence of Aceh is the embodiment of Rumohthat values life and is run by the communityAceh.

Therefore, to preserve the Acehnese Rumohalso preserve the existence of the Acehnese people themselves.The idea of preserving Rumoh Aceh will increasingly findmomentum after the tsunami that hit Aceh on 26 taggalDecember 2004. After the tragedy of natural disasters,a variety of people from different nations come not onlybrought relief but also brought the tradition that has notcertainly fit with the values that developed in Aceh.

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