Romodong Beach, the Natural Crystal Clear Sea Water in Bangka

Romodong beach is the stunning beach which located on the Northern of Bangka island, located at Bukit Ketok village, Belinyu district, Bangka regency. This beach is about 77 km of Sungailiat town. This beach is located on the path towards the Penyusuk beach, it’s near enough to visit Penyusuk beach from Romodong.

To visit Romodong beach, visitors will go through a “gate” made of natural big stone at 600 m before Romodong beach, as if into an imaginary world. The Gate is also very unique, it through the gap between two large pieces of stone. People used to call “Batu Belah Tangkup “.

Romodong beach is amazing place to enjoy white sandy beach and pure crystal water. The length of this beach is about 4 km has scattered the stones decorate this beach panorama. It is slope, white and soft sandy, flour-like sand, not steep.The white sands are clean and solid, comes with blue sea water and waves are very calm. Its water is very clear like a crystal. From the coast, this the mainland districts of West Bangka looked vaguely.

Tourists can walked around and found a very wide and flat sandy open area which covered by shallow water, only 10 cm deep, and the tourists will found many living creatures such as hermit crab, sand crabs, gekko fish, clams, etc. When it low tide, the tourists can walk in the water until in the middle of clear sea. When see around, the tourists will find the boulders and white sand that spread in the beach. The winds that make the leaves wobbled greet the tourists who looking for an inspiration.

Many activities we can do here as like the tourists can watch the sunset in the afternoon if the weather support, because this beach is faced to west side. Sea water bathing at the beach is very pleasant because you do not have to worry about the wave or trough. Sand beach that lies flat and does not dive, so it is fun if for playing and bathing at this beach.


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