Riung 17 National Park

After passing through these depths, divers can see the sea flower charm attached to the massive boulder. Shape, color and beauty to resemble red roses, no wonder many people call it the Rose of the Sea. Do not leave Riung, just because fatigue to admire the sea rose. Go on an adventure to the Meja Island Table, or Tembaga Island. Acrapora stretch of reef, interlude by soft corals, sea fans and emit beautiful colors that reassuring. Sea fan and acrapora is distinctive blend that only found Meja Island.

Without both, perhaps, the island will lose its identity. If observed, acrapora corals in this island resemble the table. There are still many other attractions, many more the charm that have not been called. Riung 17 Island is too short if only recognized through publicity, brochures, booklets, or other promotional displays. The most sensible way to recognize and admire Riung is to come. Do not worry, acquainted with Riung 17 Island will not be in vain.

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