Rica-rica chicken

ayam-rica.jpgRica-rica chicken, Roasted chicken is always pre­ferred. The process and the fra­grance are attrac­tive too. It can raise your appetite. One of tra­di­tional roasted chicken that often becomes local food is Chicken Rica-Rica. As a local food, it is closed enough with Indone­sian tongues and often found in Man­ado, Sulawesi Utara.

Rica means chili. It is not amaz­ing any­more if some­one closes and opens his eyes when he is eat­ing it because of its hot fla­vor. It is con­sumed to sea­son duck, fish and beef too. Some recipes of rica-rica con­sume tomato to increase the spice and decrease the hot fla­vor although this recipe does not con­sume tomato at all. If you are a hot meal lover, this recipe can be one of choices.

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