Rian Mountain


Rian mountain located in the District Sesayap decorated beautiful waterfall flowing throughout the year. The surplus of this waterfall has height + 90 m up to the peak, this waterfall is composed of several umpakan. Each umpakan consists of + 20m horizontally and 20 m rise, There we can also climb up to the top of the waterfall. The beauty of the waterfall Mount Rian is always captivate anyone. Waterfall splash that broke out between the rocks makes a very stunning scenery and soothing day and mind. Plus when we enjoy the exotic nature surrounding the launching of the water from this height. The roar of the water and splash water falling provide distinctive nuances around when we were on tour this waterfall. In Indonesia, which 70% of the area is already clear waters presents a lot of natural scenery such as waterfalls are very exotic and interesting. However, still a lot of natural beauty that has not been processed properly so it is not to be missed. One of the famous tourist attractions is Mount Rian, Sasayap sub-district. There you can find the most enchanting waterfall with its graceful, clear waters flowing endlessly that gives you the most soothing feeling of its beautiful nature.

For those who enjoy traveling, there is a challenging route for trekking enthuasics, which is the Rian Waterfalls. But no need to fear, there is still a track that you can set your foot on, which will be must more easier for those of you who are anxious to see the waterfall. Besides that, surrounding the waterfalls, lies the tropical forest with the diverse vegetation. The particular type of plant that is easily found is the Eusideroxylon zwageri or ironwood tree, where the plant is high quality vegetation and has a very high value as well. The Rian Waterfall is as high as 90 meters to its peak. It is a very steep cliff that has seven giant steps of stone that is transverse by the mountain waters. From the seven stones, only tourists are able to reach till the second stone because you would need a good stamina and lots of energy to get to the very top. Usually, in the second stone or level, tourist make this a place to hang out and sometimes also a place to camp as well.

This tourist site in Mount Rian is actually located between two regions, which is the Tana Tidung district and the Malinau district. To get there is actually quite easy, from Tarakan, you need to take a speedboad and get to the Tana Tidung district port. After that, it takes you about 28 kilometers to Malinau by land. Then from Malinau to its location, it is about 45 km or about 1 hours from Tidang Palin, the city of Tana Tidung.

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