reog_ponorogo_indonesia.jpgReog is a traditional Indonesian dance form. There are many type of Reogs in Indonesia, but the most famous one is Reog Ponorogo.

Reog Ponorogo tells the story of a battle between the King of Ponorogo and the magical lion Singa Barong. It usually consists of three sets of dances; each dance is performed by several dancers. The first dance is the opening dance, performed by male dancers wearing black costumes. The second dance is the Jaran Kepang dance; it is performed by female dancers wearing colourful costumes. The third dance is the main attraction of the show; it is performed by all the Reog dancers. The main male dancer, wearing a large and heavy lion mask, dances in the centre of the stage while the other dancers dance around him.

Reog dancers traditionally perform in a trance state.

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