At first Rencong function only as a weapon to defend themselves and fight the enemies like the Dutch colonizers. In addition, it also used as the completeness of the local traditional costume. Aceh people wear it by putting it in the folds of the sarong to the wearer’s stomach. Rencong upstream facing the right hand, while the body stuffed in the side position, leaning to the right as well. Symbolically, this is likely to facilitate the user to easily draw it when necessary. However, the current Rencong functions have grown. It also used as souvenir given to the guests such as government officials or people who come to visit this Mecca Porch country.

Symbolic value
Associated with symbolic value, this typical weapon of Aceh is unique and contains philosophical values regarding the religion of Islam. This was shown in model making, especially in the form of stem letter ‘Ba’, as an abbreviation of the word in Arabic bismillah. The word indicates that the people of Aceh are holding fast to the teachings of Islam. In addition, the word Rencong has become a symbol for this most western regional in Indonesia. As Aceh is called, is usually always accompanied by the phrase Rencong Land. Beside that, there are also phrases Porch of Mecca, which confirms that the Aceh region is very thick in practice the Islamic religion.

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