Red Island, as ordinary people call a small island located in the beach village of the great source, Pesanggaran District, Banyuwangi. Red island in the southern Banyuwangi District successfully lure tourists through its shape that resembles a mountain in the middle of the beach. one of the unique beach in Banyuwangi is so popular among the people of East Java. Also, it is one of the preferred destinations of foreign tourists, especially lovers of surfing sports (surfing). Will blend the water is like crystal clarity and equipped with white sand which extend as far as 3km, add to the beauty of the island. On the eastern shore line of a mountain visible. many coconut and banana trees make the island seem fertile. while in the southern part of the island, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the sunset. But in the dry season arrives, then this coastal area will look red.

When the sea receded, the visitors could visit this place on foot to enjoy the uniqueness of a small mountain at the center of the beach which color is red soil, because it is called the red island beach. There is also a saying called red because the edges of the rocks of the island beaches seem like a land colored red. Whereas in the beginning, this beach called Ringin Pitu Beach. Red Island Beaches Banyuwangi has a unique on a small hill which is located not far from the beach. With the background of the 200-meter high hill and reddish is what causes the coast known as the Red Island Beach. This hill covered by green vegetation that covers the red. You can climb the hill on the sea when the water was receding. In addition, there are rocks that are in the vicinity of this small hill.

Red island surf conditions are very suitable for surfers of varying levels, ranging from beginner to professional. Red Island coast is indented into and do not have a lot of rocks as well as on the beach plengkung, making it safer when used to surf for beginners. Red island sea breeze should be quite strong, causing sea waves is relatively high, can reach 4-5 meters. For tourists who are interested in playing surfing, do not have to bother carrying a surfboard from home, because you can rent them at the location, with the rent 25 thousand to 50 thousand you can surf as much. And for tourists who like fishing, can rent a traditional boat to get various types of fish as much as possible. Other activities that can be done is to snorkel and dive. Not only that, there is also a sunbathing along the coast that increasingly pamper tourists. No wonder red island got its designation Kuta beach island of Java.

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