Reasons why we must promote Indonesian culinary


“One thing we have to strengthen is culinary. Thailand was 20 years ago; Nobody knew Thai food. However, the government helped to build restaurants in America, the standards they pay attention to, cleanliness, food, the level of information in the room,” Elly said.

She then compared it with what happened to Indonesian restaurants in the United States, which could not yet become an ambassador for culinary tourism.

“Indonesian restaurants in Washington are closed because the decor is not attractive. The interior has always used a Balinese fan, or a map of Indonesia made of batik. For example, restaurants can serve rendang with exciting presentations. This will bring positive value to Indonesia as well, but again this depends on who manages it, “Elly continued.

Elly believes that in the future, the tourism industry in Indonesia can be overtaken by Vietnam because they have begun to strengthen the culinary sector.

“The thing to watch out for now is Vietnam, through their highly developed culinary. In Singapore alone, there are dozens of Vietnamese restaurants in America in every corner. Culinary could be an extraordinary ambassador to introduce Indonesia,” Elly added.

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