Raya Lake is located near Karang Anyar village in Muara Rupit district, 80kms apart from Lubuk Linggau. It is accessible by public or private vehicles within 90 minutes from Lubuk Linggau through Sumatra highway. Dense underbrush and plantations belonging to the natives, such as cloves, rubber, coconut and bananas, surround the 100 square hectares lake.

If we interested to make an adventure, try to visit Kerinci Seblat National Park. There are many kind of flora and fauna there, that cannot found in other area. We can find Rafflesia flower and also hundreds of birds, such as; crested parrot, and the other.

Raya Lakes is a very beautiful lake, with the extent of which approximately 100 hektare, Raya Lake accommodates a wide variety of fish species that is unique, for example, just like the arwana fish, pufferfish, even until there is a fish-like fish shaped koi, but the colour of the fish is golden yellow, the people there no one knows what kind of the fish, after all, the appearance of not very often, so they just take it as a rare fish.

In addition, Raya Lake is also surrounded by fruit plantations owned by residents, it is also likely to make the atmosphere here is very quiet, clean, and fresh air. Even many people who intentionally come in every weekend to Raya Lake is only for recreation with family or friends in order to unwind the daily grind.

On a normal day, most of the tourists who come to visit are fans of sport fishing, because the fish here already by nature, then you are allowed to fish here, although it is not easy to get the fish in the lake this highway. Around the Raya Lake you can also find a very unique tree, why not because the fruit does not just grow on the branches, even up to the trunks from the top to the ground.


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