Rawa Pening (literally meaning ‘Clear Swamp’, from the Javanese Bening) is a lake in the Ambarawa Basin in Central Java, Indonesia. It serves as a source of power, irrigation, and flood control, and is used for fishing. Due partly to high numbers of aquatic plants, it may dry out by 2021.

Rawa Pening is a popular tourist attraction in Central Java, precisely in Desa Bukit Cinta (Love Hill Village), Ambarawa district, is 45 km from Semarang city, Indonesia. The lake area (??2670 Ha) covers 4 districts; Ambarawa, Bawen, Tuntang, and Banyubiru. Lake itself is located on the slopes of Mount Merbabu, Telomoyo Mountain and Mount Ungaran with a height of 461 meters above sea level.

Presence Klinting Baru legends with Telaga Rawa Pening, of course, already familiar for most people of Central Java. The legend is said to be the manifestation of a large snake with a bell that hangs around its neck. According to the story, appears to give good luck when fisher does not get fish.

Like the tourist sites elsewhere, visitors have to pay a ticket in order to enter The Rawa Pening Lake. Here, the counter was opened from 8.30 am to 21.00 pm. Counters in the open till late, as the number of visitors will increase by nightfall. Generally they are a young couple who want to enjoy a special dinner menu accompanied, in the form of a new Wader fish in the catch. In addition, the angler came rushing this location at night, because the fish are easier to catch in the dark.

However, for those of you who want to enjoy the beauty of the lake, visiting in the morning is the right choice. Besides can get around by renting a boat, we are able to relax in the lake while enjoying a variety of culinary in stalls lined up neatly in place. Satisfied to enjoy the beauty of the lake, not far from this place, we can also visit some attractions, such as Tlogo, Lopait, Bukit Cinta, Muncul and Asinan.

In the swamp there is water hyacinth plants. Floating plants and grow very fast. Previously the plant is considered a nuisance plant but has now become a good source of income for local people who process them into raw materials for various crafts. Rawa Pening with famous swamp with hills around it. This swamp located on the slopes of Merbabu montain, Ungaran mountain and Telomoyo Mountain. Rawa Pening becomes more interesting when we see there is a unique and simpleway to catch fish with nets, which can be seen in that place.


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