Ranau Lake

ranau_1.jpgRanau Lake is a beautiful and largest lakes in the southern part of Sumatra  . This lake is located in the border district of West Lampung province of Lampung and South Ulu Komering Ogan of South Sumatra Province. Size is approximately 8×16 km2 lake with Mount Seminung background and surrounded by hills and valleys with a very clear lake water.

Ranau Lake is the result of natural processes such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions of the mountain which makes a large basin. The basin of the river water flowed across at Mount Seminung. Geographically it is hilly topography Ranau lake which was practically makes this valley Ranau lake has the cool weather.

At the foot of Mount Seminung there are natural hot water coming out from the bottom of the lake. Around the lake waterfall Subik encountered. On the edge of the lake there are homeless-homeless which can be rented by visitors who wish to stay overnight and enjoy the beauty of the lake.

Another attraction of this lake is a source for your hot water and buff the durian fruit in season, you can buy a very cheap price from people around.

From Bandar Lampung city into Ranau Lake can be achieved using private cars through the Kemuning hills and Liwa road conditions but the winding asphalt. Precisely in the border district of South Sumatra Province Oku South and West Lampung regency of Lampung Province. In addition to Bandar Lampung route, a tourist attraction can also be reached from the city of Palembang, about 342 km, from the town Baturaja 130 km and 50 km from Muara Dua.

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