Rambu Tuka

Dances and songs were held during the ceremony. Replacement the elements of Tongkonan such as roof, doors, carved objects, and other traditional accessories, have been done six months earlier. With Mangrara Banua, Tongkonan will always be well taken care. Interesting attractions in the procession is buffalo slaughter. The buffalo is unique. Should not be striped or mud buffalo such as in Rambu Solo. But the buffalo must never have sexual intercourse. Slaughter also unique, stab with spear first then followed with chickens and pigs butch. Mangrara Banua is rare ceremony. Because of Tongkonan improved after 50 up to 60 years. The amount of ceremony depends on concerned social strata. Quoted from :http://orbit99tours.blogspot.com/2010/03/rambu-tuka-excitement-ceremony.html Supported by : JavaTourism.com | Lintang Buana Tourism Services | Java-Adventure.com| Javabikers.com | Liburs.com|TourSumatra.com | FloresTour.com

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