Rambu Solo

Mapasilaga tedong (buffalo fight). Competed buffalo in Toraja has unique characteristics horns curved down or crusted striped called tedong bonga. This type of water buffalo (babalus bubalis: mud buffalo) is endemic species in Tana Toraja. Sisemba. People compete their foot or leg one another. Dances rites of Rambu Solo, namely ma’badong, ma’dondi, ma’randing, ma’katia, ma’papanggan, and massailo. On ma’badong, guests were standing around while holding onto hands. Then they sing and dance together. Strain of their song describes the sadness. Instrumental music called pa’pompang, pa’dalidali and unnosong. Matinggoro tedong (slaughter the buffalo). How to slaughter the buffalo on this ceremony is unique, cut the neck with a single swing of chopper. Buffalo is first tethered on a stone called simbuang batu. Buffalo butcher (patinggoro tedong) swing the chopper in a moment. At the peak of the event, ma’balun ritual is held, (enwrap the corpse), ma’roto (set of gold and silver thread ornaments on the chest), ma’parokko alang (to mow down the corpse to be buried), and ma’palao (bring the corpse to the funeral). When corpse is delivered, red cloth spread out cover the family. Quoted from :http://orbit99tours.blogspot.com/2010/03/rambu-solo-gloriuos-funeral.html Supported by : JavaTourism.com | Lintang Buana Tourism Services | Java-Adventure.com| Javabikers.com | Liburs.com|TourSumatra.com | FloresTour.com

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