Ragunan Zoo, Favorite Attraction in Jakarta

Ragunan zoo is a kind of combination between zoo and park. Since it is a combination between zoo and park, Ragunan Zoo is also known as Ragunan Zoological Park. Ragunan Zoo was constructed based on the open zoo concept that allowed visitors to feel nearer to the animals. Besides being a recreation park, Ragunan Zoo has an important role in animal conservation through the cultivation program, and it also becomes a good place for educational and research activities.

Ragunan Zoo is favorite attraction for the entire family especially during weekends and school holidays. Located in Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta of Jakarta. It is the home for over 4000 animals and 260 species, most of these are endangered and threatened throughout Indonesia and the world. It has a good collection of Indonesian wildlife, including Komodo Dragons, orangutans and tigers.

The Ragunan Zoo was established in 1864 by the Vereneging Planten en Dierentuin, a Dutch East Indies organization for flora and fauna lovers. At first it was in Central Jakarta at the Cikini area, it moved to its current location in 1966. It is set in a lush tropical surrounding.

The Zoo includes the Schmutzer Primate Center, named after Pauline Schmutzer who donated her estate to the center. The purpose of the center is to provide primates such as gorillas, orangutans and chimpanzees a natural habitat as possible. For instance, at the orangutan area thick dark glass prevents the orangutans for seeing the visitors while they can see the animals. The zoo is ideal for children as it includes a Children’s Zoo, elephant and boat rides, a pony cart and playgrounds.

Transport Option:
The zoo is located close to the Jakarta Outer Ring Road and can be reached easily by TransJakarta buses.

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