Radya Pustaka Museum

radya_pustaka_museum.jpgRadya Pustaka Museum is the oldest museum in Indonesia. The museum is located on Jalan Slamet Riyadi Complex Sriwedari, Surakarta (Solo). Not many people know about the museum that holds objects of heritage and culture of Javanese Surakarta Kraton.

Museum which was established on October 28, 1890 AD or on Tuesday December 15 Mawlood 1820 Kliwon Ehe (in Java) holds a diverse portfolio of green space Djojohadiningrat II, the initiator Society of Paheman Radya Pustaha founded by KRA Sosrodiningrat IV, who was serving as governor during the reign of His Majesty Sri Paku Buwana IX.

This museum was originally located in one room in the residence of the KRA Sosrodiningrat IV in Kepatihan named Panti Wobowo. Then, on the initiative of Paku Buwana X, then moved to the museum Loji Kadipolo on January 1, 1913. Building of Loji Kadipolo the current museum location of the land was bought by Sri Paku susuhunan Buwana X from a Dutchman named Johannes Buselaar worth 65 thousand Dutch guilders by deed in 1877 noktaris 13/VII eigendom land number 10.

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