Putu Batu, Bandar Lampung Nature

Putu Batu area does have its own advantages, in addition to the potential that can be empowered by the citizens of surrounding communities. The atmosphere is cool and peaceful settlement could be an alternative to releasing tired on the weekends. Not far from the city of Cape Coral to the natural attractions are simply taking a few hours drive. Travel through asphalt road winding across the top of the tub, but more quiet, tree-lined streets along the banana, mangosteen, duren lined into a comfortable sight. But recognized that this region is more fun to enjoy when the time before nightfall, even for an overnight stay is a popular choice for visitors who want to enjoy a wonderful evening at the top of Stone Putu.

Scene at night was very eye remedy, moreover we can see the bright city of Lampung airport in the evening. Lampung bay also has its own beauty when viewed from the top of Stone Putu, the lights of fishing boats as well be a fun activity to enjoy. Expanse of green hills no less appealing to be enjoyed, along with a piece of cassava fuel and a cup of coffee while chatting with a delicious feel the chill of the night.

Putu stone area was suitable for the bond out to be a place for students who want a vacation. In addition to a safe region, tempatnyapun easy reach. Surrounding communities who come to enliven the area with a typical hawker natural attractions such as coffee, fried foods, smoking and others. Means of Information that have entered this area to add the appeal of Batu Putu.

To make the area Putu Stone as a top choice for tourists, especially domestic tourists, it is necessary to introduce promotions.

Source : www.indonesia-tourism.com

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