Putri Malu waterfall that fell from a height of about 75 meters looks condense when spilled. Wall rocks that form a semi-circle, decorated with small delicate grass adorn the waterfall. Mature trees look beautiful waterfall megitari it. Trees that are decades old are still visible. The stunning beauty added a row of bee hives in the walls steep. When it was late morning, and the sun stinging, honey-honey from the honeycomb dripping. Honeycomb that just looks like the points black looks beautiful.

To achieve the beauty of Princess Malu Waterfall in the forest area in need of extra power and prudence. Can not be reached using a four-wheeled vehicle. Despite using motorcycles also have to look at the weather. If rain or drizzle fell, we use motorcycle rear wheel should be wrapped with a chain from sliding.

A path that is in the middle of a coffee plantation owned by residents decorated ravines along the way. But the conditions were a little steep ravine that most are on the right road and partially on the side of the road. This makes the visitors have to extra careful. Better to hire an experienced motorcycle taxi through the streets steep and slippery. Footpaths with steep ravine when the road was downhill and so climb thereafter. The natural beauty that adorn all the way to the waterfall which is called Curup Princess Shame it makes us refreshed and comfortable. Besides the beauty posed nan verdant coffee plantations , shade trees are also still visible in the area thrives. Starting from the district capital Banjit, Right Way, where the waterfall was, precisely in Kampung Jukubatu, we have to steer the car to the village of Argomulyo.

After passing the football field belonging Argomulyo village, we found the road junction with ornate monument Pancasila. We take the right direction towards Kampung Menangasiamang.Banjit district of the capital city located in the Village Market Banjit, to get a very beautiful tourist sites that could still use a four-wheel vehicle. Four wheel drive vehicles can follow the asphalt is still good. After passing through the village Menangasiamang, about five miles to go to Kampung Jukubatu, right in the village hamlet parent. Upon entrance to the village Jukubatu, with trips around forty-five minutes, until in Hamlet Simpangrejang. Up in the village that can be passed by four-wheeled vehicles. Because the rest must use two-wheeled vehicles.

If we still have a long travel time and the afternoon yet, it helps us to steer the vehicle to the hot springs not far from the hamlet Simpangrejang. It only takes 20 minutes to get in the hot springs that are now beginning to be addressed. When the weather favor the brightness, the journey can be continued using motorcycle taxis to get to the location Curup Princess Malu. Begins by tracing the path downhill, with a view of a coffee plantation owned by residents, we will be taken on a cool atmosphere. Uphill, sharp cornering will go through.

After approximately one hour journey along the path setepak, the cold began to penetrate the atmosphere. The voices sounded wild animals, including birds chirping, monkeys, or apes. After being in the emergency parking locations, we can see the waterfall with his trademark sound. It took about five minutes to get to the waterfall. Dew sprinkled cause cold waterfall. The clear water makes us wonder. Water spilled it like a round pond, flowing through the rocks that can be seen clearly. The clear water brings its own charm, as we can see clearly the basic flow. If we look to the surrounding, you will find also a small waterfall with a height equal to the Waterfall Princess Malu. Place waterfall has yet to have a famous name was commonly referred to local communities Waterfalls Luang Gambir. It was not far, even looks sideways rather deal with Waterfall Princess Malu. Some time after enjoying the Waterfall Princess Waterfall Luang Shame and Gambir, hungry stomachs started. Will taste delicious when we ate at that location. Besides wonderful atmosphere and cool, we also have a long and arduous journey.


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