The cave is situated at the edge of Padang Windu Village, Pengandonan district, about 35 Km from Baturaja. It is 156 m long and 8-20 m wide. The maximum height is 20 m. There are many stalactites and stalagmites and a stream in the cave, which empties into Ogan River. The rocks can be very slippery once in a while, so good shoes with a good profile are not to be forgotten. Guides with lights and torches guide the visitors and give detailed information (mostly in Indonesian) about legends, which are strongly connected, to the caves. 

The main cave is about 150 meters long; the widest point is about 15 to 20 meters. In some places the ceiling is 12 meters high, on other places only 1,5 meters. The ceiling is scattered with hundreds of bats; when light disturbs them, they will fly out all together and just miss the visitors. To enter the deeper parts of the caves you have to be slender enough to pass very narrow points. Legendary stories tell about a king which had his palace in this cave, and every room has it’s own story.

Entering the cave is not necessary to have special skills like search caves. Entrance of the cave is wide enough and tall so that visitors do not need to look down, let alone crawl to enter it. So was the room inside the cave. Wide variety of caves, 80-20 m, roomy enough for a stroll. The distance between floor and ceiling cave was wide, ranging from 2.7 to 4 meters.

Only, though its condition field, the visitors should be careful when up the floor of the cave and along the route from the entrance to the exit. Although the existing lighting in the 500 meters along the route, a dark cave wall is not enough help to illuminate the contents of the cave. In addition to lighting that is not too bright, visitors should beware. Because, in some parts, the road climbed the slippery floor.

Once inside the cave, the distinctive smell of bat droppings immediately welcomed. Do not be surprised if a sudden some animals pass the night. On the ceiling, hundreds of bats hanging upside down. All travel and welcome the challenge it paid off when entering the center of the cave. Various forms of rock, including the stalactite and stalagmite, as if through the floor and ceiling of the cave.

Have not lost the admiration witnessed the formation of natural objects, the ear is lulled by the gurgling sound of water from the middle of the cave. It came from an underground river in the cave. River is a river flow Semuhun children who subsequently met with Ogan River. Despite being in the cave, the river is quite large. The width of the river is variable, 8-12 meters. That said, local people believe that the river in a cave that was once the bathhouse for the royal princess. There is also a trust that river water contains properties to cure many diseases. Only by wiping the face with the river water, local people believe could be younger. Teenagers who have not received a soul mate can also try the efficacy of the Jordan, which allegedly can soothe a soul mate.

Suspicion is strengthened research team Research and Development Center of National Archaeology (Research Arkenas) led by Prof. Truman Simanjuntak in early 2009. The study was conducted at the Tiger Cave, which are located adjacent to the Princess Cave. In the Cave of Tigers, the team found a human skeleton that was based on four characteristics derived from the Neolithic era. Overall, the management of the Princess Cave as a tourist attraction is not maximal. Facilities available before the small shops near the exit of the cave.

Ogan Komering Ulu Regency is developing the concept for development of the area with the consultant. Urgent is the fencing around the construction of roads and trails in the area’s tourism. Are also being initiated is the development of a mini museum to save the archaeological findings in the cave. Well as other supporting facilities, which could give it added value as a tourist attraction. No less important is the expansion of visitor parking area for vehicles that currently are lacking.


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