Pusentase (kate walsh)








Pusentase Towale located in the Village, Banawa district, Donggala, Central Sulawesi Province. Pusentase from Kaili language which means the navel of the sea water or sea wells. Pusentase is an 8-meter-diameter wells located on land (the beach) and has some hidden tunnels connecting it to the sea. Not surprisingly, this crystal clear well water tasted salty.

Stretch of white sand and hedge trees that grow around the coast, to be incredibly interesting, so the sights are perfect for relaxing with family. Visitors can enjoy the cool air and calm atmosphere with the family, because the tourist sites are located quite far from the crowds. In addition, visitors can also see a variety of marine fish that were swimming in the pusentase. Not far from the tourist sites, visitors can watch the mothers and young women are making sarongs woven in a center craft Donggala Donggala glove. Around the location of accommodation facilities available in the form of custom homes, as well as several restaurants.

This tourist attraction is located about 47 km from Palu or 13 miles from the City of Donggala. Munuju Road location is quite good, so it can be reached by using a motor vehicle. From the town of Palu to the location can be reached by using a four-wheeled vehicle and two wheels with a travel time of about 1.5 â € "2 hours.

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