Pusentase or Pusat Laut


Pusentasi (or some people call it Pusentase or Pusat Laut), is known as it’s sink hole. There is also a beautiful white sand beach next to the sink hole where coral reefs in a pretty good condition lies underwater. Pusentasi stands for Puse and Tasi, which came from Kaili’s language meaning the center of the ocean (puse = center, tasi=ocean). FYI, Kaili is Central Sulawesi’s native people. Pusentasi/Pusentase is located from the center is about 12 kilometers south of the town of Donggala, access to this location can be reached from the village of Limboro, Capital District Central Banawa. Marine center in the local language local pusentasi, rather a giant natural wells, salt water, right on the beach, approximately 3 meters in diameter.

This sink hole creates a saltwater well and has a tunnel that connects it to the ocean. This bluish well looks like a deep lagoon.  Visitors are allowed to swim in the sink hole. There are two stairs available for the visitors to go up again. There’s a beautiful tranquil beach next to the sink hole called Bone Bula Beach. When i was there, there’s no other people except us on the beach. The coral reefs under Bone Bula is somewhat destroyed. But, we can still see some coral and marine fish under with a little bit strong current.

Naming the center of the sea by local people, either because the model that resembles the center of the well, perhaps also because of the story that the former, whatever fell into this hole, will be found in an island of sand (white bai) offshore, more uniqueness water in these wells will tide when the tide is low and vice versa, the water was murky, although many never swim in it, there is no definite origin of the story of this naming.

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