Pura Taman (Underwater Temple)

underwater_temple.jpgPura Taman is a building like temple which was under sea that situated in Pemuteran, Bali. Maybe not many people know, underwater temple is an old Temple Bentar who accidentally drowned and become a part of The Karang Lestari Project. The project started in 2000 by the lovers of the environment which consists of local citizens and expatriates, with self-help and donation by USAID. The project is run top concerns on the condition of coral destroyed by explosives used in fishing. According news, Former buildings temples Bentar was drowned in 2005.

The temple building was just ordinary stone has chance very beautiful scenery. The statue, arch, and the wall also changed dramatically. The building which used to be only black stone has transformed into colorful, yellow, green, and orange. Beautiful photos of temple sea bottom exist on Twitter and become the Tweeps conversation.

Some photos are snapshots by British underwater photographer, Paul M Turley. Finally the mystery was solved. The temple under the sea was indeed exists although it’s not ancient relics.

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