This recently built recreational complex covers 50 hectares area, consist of four parts: an amusement park, a recreation park, a natural forest, and a man-made lake. In this complex are to be found a children’s playground, a cultural park, a souvenirs shop, restaurants and an information booth. Because of its proximity to the capital and easy accessibility, this complex actually caters mainly to the local inhabitants of Palembang city, however, international tourists may enjoy passing a calm day here to watch urbanites amuse themself.

Another place to visit while in Palembang, South Sumatra is the famous pine forest recreational place called Punti Kayu Natural Pine Forest well actually we were informed that this pine forest is the only recreational place that is close to downtown Palembang thus it is famous among the people. When we first came to Palembang, my brother in law kept telling us about this recreational place surrounded by trees and beautiful breeze, perfect for the family picnic.

This recreational place is beautiful, am not sure why some people would complain so much that there is nothing really to see at Punti Kayu Natural Pine Forest or since it is the closest one to downtown (well not too-too close though) so the people say they have no other entertainment to do or nice places to go to but this pine forest. I liked it there at the pine forest. The area is clean, the scenery surrounding is very nice, and there are definitely quite a few things to do and spots to explore to here at the pine forest. From playground, artificial lake where you can cross with rented traditional boat; there is also a “zoo” area where you can hop on the elephant for amusement, or even swimming at the pool. So I would say even though Punti Kayu Natural Pine Forestis said to be the only choice that the Palembang people could go to for picnic with the family, the place is so worth it!

One who is not a Palembang origin, when they go to Palembang, he or she should really pack some snacks, bread, cheese, wine, clean wide tablecloth and a book; head to Punti Kayu Natural Pine Forest and just enjoy the day with the fresh fragrance of the pine branches.


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