Pulau Kasiruta

kasiruta.jpgKasiruta is the second largest island in the Bacan archipelago, and once hosted the capital of the Sultanate of Bacan before it moved to Labuha. It is also where the locally famous “Batu Bacan” gemstones come from. Today, the island receives little attention from foreigners, but is one of my favourites in Maluku.Despite some logging, it retains much virgin forest due to its rugged, hilly topography, and there are splendid, unspoilt beaches on its coast. Its population is mostly Galelarese, with the rest being Makianese. It has extensive clove-plantations, which make the villages here relatively prosperous.Kasiruta also has great, unspoilt beaches, sometimes right in front of villages like this one. The snorkelling was also quite good, despite some damage from dynamite fishing.

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