Home Knives district is one of the districts in the province of Central Kalimantan . The capital of the district is located in the Home Knives . This district has an area of 8997 km² and a population of as many as 120 062 people (the results of Indonesian Population Census 2010 ). The district slogan is “Handep Hapakat”. According to the Statute van Nederlandisch Indie 1849, the area of the Dayak is included in zuid-Ooster-afdeeling based Besluit van den Minister van Staat, Gouverneur-Generaal van Nederlandsch-Indie, on August 27, 1849, No. 8. Home Knives districts have boundaries as follows:
1. North side adjacent to Gunung Mas
2. South side bordering the Java Sea
3. East side is bordered by the Kapuas
4. West borders with Katingan and Palangkaraya

Regency Home Knives in general, including the tropics and humid. Temperatures range between 26.5 to 27.5 degrees Celsius with an average air temperature reaches a maximum of 32.5 degrees Celsius and the average air temperature of 22.9 degrees Celsius minimum. Air relative humidity is relatively high with an annual average of over 80%.

As tropical areas, the district Home Knives averaged solar radiation above 50%. Based on the classification Oldeman (1975), the type of climate in the district Home Knives including climate type B1, which is the area with the wet season occurs between 7-9 months (rainfall above 200 mm / month) and dry months (rainfall less than 100 mm / month) is less than 2 months. It rained almost throughout the year and rainfall falling in October-December and January-March ranging between 2000-3500 mm per year, while the fall in the dry months from June to September. The topography of the district state Home Knives, consisting of:
1. The northern part is a hilly area with an altitude of between 50-100 meters above sea level which has 8-15 degrees elevation and has a mountainous area with a slope of 15-25 degrees.
2. The southern part consists of beach / coastal, marsh with a height of between 0-5 meters above sea level which has a 0-8 degree elevation and is influenced by the tides and is an area that has a large enough flood intensity.

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